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About me!

CJ Stewart is a multi-talented artist from Dallas, TX, who navigates the realms of acting, writing, teaching and activism. While classically trained, he holds a BA in theatre from Prairie View A&M University, and an MFA in Acting from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, which is considered a top 3 Drama school in the United Kingdom.

As an actor, writer and playwright, he focuses on telling dynamic stories that uplift positive unseen images about the descendants of the African Diaspora. 

His writing dives deep into social issues, and choices, provoking thought and shedding light on oppressed voices. CJ fearlessly harnesses his platform as an activist to advocate for justice, equity, and equality. As an educator, they empower the youth and other aspiring artists to foster the next generation of change-makers. 

Inspired by his mentor Regina King, he made the choice of transitioning from athlete to artist and is paving the way for a more inclusive and compassionate world. 

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